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Charles Albert Lane

Charles Albert Lane arrived on the shores of Lake Worth about 1880 and bought 10 acres of land from H.P. Dye for $500. He built a winter home, located between the properties of J.P. McKenna and U.D. Hendrickson in present day Palm Beach. Three years later, he paid M.E. Spencer $35 for a 3 1/2 acre piece of ocean front land but said he considered the price outrageous.

Lane, who played the trombone and the violin, was reported to have been a member of the Seventh Regiment Band of New York City. He was also known to have been a photographer. An entry in U.D. Hendrickson’s store ledger of March 1893 reads:

C.A. Lane - Beef Prunes - .35
Credit $2.00 for ten views

Lane’s photograph of the laying of the cornerstone for the Dade County Courthouse at Juno in 1890 has become a classic.

No other information has been found about this charter member of Lake Worth Pioneers’ Association.


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