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Charles Curtis Chillingworth
Richard Jolley Chillingworth

Charles Curtis Chillingworth was born at Liverpool, New York, 12 May 1868. He came to the shores of Lake Worth in April 1892, having graduated from Cornell University in New York in 1890. He was admitted to the Florida bar at Titusville, the following year. He opened a law office in Juno, then the county seat of Dade County, as a partner in the firm of Robbins, Graham and Chillingworth.

Charles’ father, Richard Jolley Chillingworth, was born in England 30 November 1833 and arrived in the Oswego area of New York at age one. He married Eunice Ann Bettinger in 1865 and they followed their son to Florida in 1892. Richard served as sheriff of Dade County from 1896 to 1901. He and Eunice lived in West Palm Beach.

Charles moved his office to West Palm Beach in 1905 and became the town’s first attorney. He also served Lantana in the same capacity. His home was on the site of the Harvey Building (Datura and Olive).

Charles married first Annie Seabrook Whaley who died in childbirth. Their son, Walter Seabrook Chillingworth, was born 20 August 1893. He served in the Navy, attended Cornell University and was graduated from Ben Franklin University. He married Flora Genella Marks and they were living in Washington, D.C. in 1937.

Charles married second on 9 November 1895 Jennie Dietz of Liverpool, New York. Children by this marriage were Curtis Eugene born 1896 at West Palm Beach, Margarita, born 1899 at Atlanta (married Loren D. Simon, an attorney) and Richard C., born 1902 at West Palm Beach, also an attorney. He and his brother-in-law were partners in the law firm of Chillingworth & Simon. Richard was a graduate of Cumberland University and married Rosemary Whitaker.

Curtis Eugene Chillingworth graduated University of Florida and was admitted to the Florida bar in 1917. He married Marjorie McKinley of White Plains, New York. Trajedy struck the Chillingworth family in June 1955 when Curtis and Marjorie were abducted from their weekend home on Ocean Boulevard in Manalapan. They were taken to sea and drowned by two killers hired by a former West Palm Beach municipal judge.

Charles was an active and interested member of Lake Worth Pioneers’ Association. He was one of the founders of the Harmonia Lodge of Masons, Palm Beach County Bar Association, Palm Beach Yacht Club, Utopia Club, Chamber of Commerce, Woodlawn Cemetery, Good Samaritan Hospital and belonged to the country club and other organizations. He retired from his law practice in 1925 and died 25 October 1936.


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