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Enoch Root

Enoch Root came to the shores of Lake Worth, Florida, in 1892. Born at Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut, on 16 February 1839, Root moved to Moline, Illinois, at age fourteen. Five years later, he traveled to Europe to spend two years in art galleries. While there, he took a walking tour of Savoy and Switzerland. Upon returning to America, he spent two years as a gold miner in Colorado.

Tn 1862, Root enlisted in the Third Colorado Infantry and was promoted to Captain of Company H, 68th Regiment, U.S. Infantry. He stayed active in the service until the end of the Civil War, and was stationed in every state of the southwest, except Texas.

In 1867, Root enrolled in the Chicago Academy of Design, became a pupil of Conrad Dehi, for a year then went back to Europe for more study and travel. He remained in Europe throughout the Franco-Prussian War. He returned to America in 1873 and that August, married Victoria Adelaide Ward in Providence, Rhode Island. They settled in Chicago. With another man, Root started an art school in the Art Institute building. They closed this school when the Academy of Design reopened, and Root became affiliated with the academy, He served in several capacities, including secretary and president.

He and Victoria moved to Palm Beach, Florida, in 1892, and bought land extending from the lake to the ocean. This became their permanent home, and they resided there except for short summer visits to Chicago and Connecticut. They both became active in the pioneer community.

After a two year illness, Victoria died 27 July 1914 and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, West Palm Beach. Enoch was heartbroken without her and, not long after, suffered a stroke. His sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary E.L. Root, took him to Winsted, Connecticut, to care for him. He, visited by his many relatives and friends, perked up for a while, but on 27 June 1915, just eleven months to the day after Victoria had died, Enoch died of another stroke. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Winsted. Burial had to wait until his sister-in- law was strong enough to accompany his body back to Florida. Finally, on 14 November 1915, Enoch was laid to rest beside his beloved Victoria.

Enoch Root was a Justice of the Peace. His friends described him as a congenial, modest person with a sunny disposition, whose artistic nature was evident in everything he did. A glowing tribute to him was offered by the Palm Beach Property Owners Association, of which he had long been an active member. Root Trail in Palm Beach is named for him. Besides being a charter member of Lake Worth Pioneers’ Association, he was a Mason and a member of G.A.R.


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