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John J. Haley

John J. Haley was on the shores of Lake Worth by March 1891 when he bought a tiny island at the north end of the lake from the U.S. Government for 62 cents. The island contained just under half an acre. Haley received his patent in March 1892. In June 1892, he sold the island to Mrs. Caroline F. Pitts for $150.00. Then he bought some land near present-day Riviera Beach from George and Mary Robbins for $280.00 in July.

E.L. Briggs of Grand Rapids Morning Press, writing about Pitts’ Island (see Nathan Wesley Pitts) said in part:

“Pitts’ house stands at the extreme south end of Nuctsachoo Island. . . .From the front you look out on the broad expanse of Lake Worth. . . with Haley’s little island a mere speck in the foreground. . .

Nothing further is known about this charter member of the Lake Worth Pioneers’ Association.


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