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Established by pioneer familes on the shores of Lake Worth prior to 1894

Pioneer Burials

Information regarding our ancestors, the original pioneers of southeast Florida, who are buried under The Norton Museum and possibly Pioneer Memorial Park to the east of the museum.  Their families chose not to move their bodies to Woodlawn Cemetery (across Dixie from The Norton) about 1940.  

Pioneers Buried Under The Norton/Pioneer Memorial Park

Names From the Plaque

As noted on the plaque to the right, the following pioneers were buried under The Norton Museum or in Pioneer Park.  Their bodies were NOT removed for construction.    Debate continues as to exactly HOW many pioneers are buried under The Norton, stories say 7-17, this plaque shows 40.  Some stories suggest that this plaque references pioneers that may also be buried to the east of The Norton in Pioneer Memorial Park.

This Memorial Is Placed Here By The Palm Beach Art League In Memory Of Those Whose Names Appear Below

Dwight Adams Allen, Jr.                                                     Robert Hone

George Russell Allen                                                           Harriett M. Lewis

Infant Allen                                                                                Col. J. H. Livingston

Mary Louise Allen                                                                 Albert  Plessner Majewski

Henry J. Anthony                                                                  Grace Elizabeth Majewski

L. Bennett                                                                                   Fred Mayer

Gottlieb Burkhardt                                                              Robert W. Milburn, Sr.

Henry John Burkhardt (Infant)                                    Flora Sherman Otwell

Jarvis Brush Brown                                                             Homer Sherman Otwell

Charles Campbell                                                                 Mark Hannibel Otwell

Bessie Crandall                                                                      Hannibal Dillingham Pierce

Irene Currie                                                                             Margretta Moore Pierce

James Dickey Doster                                                         Albert Savage

William G. Frazure                                                              Jonathan Seeley

Jessie Hannong                                                                     George W. Shaw

Emmanuel Hevser                                                               Jim Thorne

Mabel Althea Hevser                                                        John Pierce Voss

Harriet Hill                                                                              William Waldron

Edmond Hone                                                                        Laten A. Willson, Jr.

Richard Hone                                                                         Thomas Young

Plaque on the back of the National Registry marker.  Photo courtesy of Vince Burkhardt.